EDP – Employee Development Planning

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This online appraisal tool is made to give you an overview of the entire organisation. Based on proven principles for optimising performance it helps create organisational cohesion by identifying the resources available in the company and formulating action plans.

EDP will help you:

  • improve performance with up to 30 per cent by utilising hidden skills and resources amongst staff as well as highlighting development needs 
  • understand what your employees really think and feel about working in the company, through work climate and employee wellbeing surveys 
  • manage agreements and follow-up online 
  • focus on the important issue: dialogue, and development of the organisation and its employees
  • save time (experience shows that EDP saves you 30-45 minutes per EDP meeting)

Three levels

The system is set with three organisational levels

  • The employee 
  • The manager (the employee’s manager) 
  • The director (the manager’s manager)

If you require more levels for EDP to fit your organisational structure, please contact info@developandperform.com

A cost-effective solution

A licence for one manager covers:

  • Management of the EDP process for up to 30 employees. An additional charge will apply for further employees, but the total cost per manager will never exceed the price of two licences
  • Automatic collation, averages and graphical overviews for all questionnaires, for each of the five topics
  • Facilities to compare averages and graphs between different departments
  • Summary reports showing the number of responses for each value from 1-6 (a high average might otherwise conceal very low scores on some questions from an employee who is unhappy or experiencing harassment)
  • The facility to download an overview document showing all agreements and skill development goals for all employees.

A licence to use EDP (Employee Development Planning) only costs DKK 1,799 (approx. € 158) for the first year, and DKK 2,199 for each following year. 

Included in the price is customisation of up to five questions to ensure the form effectively targets your organisation. Further amends to the form will be charged at DKK 275 per question.

A discount may be negotiated where over 25 licences are purchased and invoiced together.
All prices exclude VAT.